Name: Viscen "The Bison" Tagron
Race: Hylian
Age: 52
Height: 8' 11"
Weight: 967 lbs
Occupation: Thief/Crime Lord, ex-leader of Mercenary's Guild
Weapon: Heavy lance

Timeline: TP/ Post TP

Abilities: Inhuman strength, near beast-like sense of smell and hearing, excels at tracking and hunting.
Vulnerabilities: Has issues with depth perception, slight memory loss due to injury and increased by age

Viscen is rather laid back, though arrogant, and has an air of intimidation without having to do much of anything. He knows how to appeal to people through years of experience with them. He'll be nice as can be with just about anyone, but if you're in the way of something he wants, he will have no problems getting rid of you one way or the other. If it takes a bribe, bribe he will. If it takes blackmail, that works too. Often all it takes is a heavy lance through the general mass of one's body, however. He's very hospitable to anyone and knows how to work his way around the law very easily, so smooth talking people is definitely within his skill set.

Viscen's family actually descends from a line of Terminian soldiers and was named after an ancestor during the era of the Hero of Time. Viscen himself was born in Hyrule after his family moved there, he being first generation Hylian. His father, who was the first to break the soldier cycle, was a merchant and excellent businessman. He took care of his wife and son well enough when it came to financial things but when it came to being a good husband or father, that's where things fell apart. Viscen grew up pretty much on his own even though he had both his parents alive and well. He made trouble to get their attention, and it only worked half the time. By the time he was 16, he was ready to head out. He'd make his own way without his parents, that's what he thought.

He went through many jobs since then, usually taking up work where there were plenty of people to talk to and adventure to be had. He's been a smith's apprentice, though that didn't last long. He's been a barkeep, a ranch hand, a mail man, even passed the royal guard training and exams, but didn't stick around to be an actual guard.

By the time he was 20, he had had over 30 different job, taking a bit from each and getting to know people, know ABOUT people, and know how to talk to people. At that point, he figured instead of working for other people, he'd start his own line of work. He spent a while trying to figure out what he'd do. He looked around town to get ideas, but he had done so many different things that he couldn't decide on what ONE thing to do. Then it hit him. Instead of having a company or group that did just one thing, why not have a group that did odd jobs. He was sure that no one had done as much as he did, and that there were bound to people who would want to learn those things, and even more people wanting to use someone who had those many talents. He started a small odd job business that took off.

Within the first few years, people came from all around with different skill sets, wanting to work for Viscen. By the time he was 26, Viscen had a growing group of individuals whose talents were useful for just about anything and everything. Within the group, it came to them that some of the members, specifically ex-soldiers and outcasts, were particularly good at things like retrieving, and some were into shadier things. Viscen didn't see it as something to cast out of his group, but rather, something new that they could bring to Castle Town.

Viscen transformed his band of odd job seekers into the Mercenary's Guild that same year. More people came, and some even began recruiting. He would get a cut of any money that a mercenary gained through his guild, and the more it grew, the more he'd get. His business ran jobs as small as escort missions and bounty hunting and reached out into assassinations, low-key underground security, and even treasure hunting.

At about the age of 30, he found an interesting character of a girl by the name of Lock. She showed real promise, and he, acting as a kind ear to a broken soul, accepted her and raised her to be more than any of the previous individuals were. This one he could teach all the things he learned, even if she was small, she has her uses. He had other young members before, but none so open to learning and following as this one. She eventually made a name for herself as the "Red Shock", since it had become customary to give accomplished members their own nicknames.

Viscen lost his eye on particular high risk retrieval mission, one that Lock took part of, and it put him out of commission for a while. By the time he returned to the guild, it has fallen into a rough spot. Dealing with his own injuries, the loos of his eye, and the possibility of losing the guild, Viscen looked for a way to salvage things, at least for himself, anyway.

Viscen started working on the down low with some shady people, making deals and taking some of his mercenaries on missions that were against the law, to say the least. When a mercenary wouldn't cooperate, he often had them blackmailed or bribed to keep quiet. He started selling out members of the guild itself, even though the rest of them were still trying to keep it afloat. Eventually, one guild member who couldn't be bought out found out about Viscen's shady work. Lock had discovered what Viscen was doing and tried to confront him about it. The first time she got off with little more than a few new wounds, but when Viscen tried to off a couple of his own guild members for pay, she got involved. Viscen didn't like it one bit. Since the message didn't get through the first time, Viscen decided to take care of the situation personally. He left Lock with a distinctive scar across her face and left her for dead in the gorge near the Gerudo desert.

Since then, Viscen has established the underground crime ring known as the Thieves Guild, made himself public enemy number one against the reformed Mercenary's Guild, and come to find out that Lock is alive and well, and out for his head.

player: Lock-of-Hyrule

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