The Zalmunna are the most powerful of the club-created race of shadows. Except for Abyss, who is currently sealed within the soul of a Hylian, most of the Zalmunna are too powerful to appear much in roleplay outside of crack RPs, or as NPCs.


The seven Zalmunna were made by the Three Goddesses shortly after the creation of the world of Hyrule, in opposition to the Siderans, or seven Spirits of Light. They remain the most powerful of the shadow-kind.

In the early days of the world, the Zalmunna often walked among the mortal races and took part in their affairs. Several tribes, including the Dark Interlopers and the Juthiad of Woodfall, worshipped them as the guardians of their peoples. However, after the Dark Interlopers used the magics taught to them by the shadows to invade the Sacred Realm and were banished to the Mirror of Twilight, the Zalmunna have withdrawn to more indirect means of manipulation. It is said that Majora created the first of the Hero's Shadows in retaliation for the Goddesses' punishment of the Zalmunna's favored tribe.

Some centuries later, Majora was sealed in the aftermath of an ill-conceived prank played on the Sideran Lucia. At the suggestion of Dimas, Majora took the place of the latest of Lucia's mortal lovers. This wouldn't have amounted to much, except that Lucia subsequently found herself pregnant. The birth of the half-light, half-shadow Anwar led to a number of unfortunate consequences, including the destruction of Elric, the oldest Sideran, followed by the banishment of Sideran leader Ziven and the takeover of his second in command, Chand.

When Majora heard of these events and their cause, he demanded the return of his son, sending his own followers and a plague of monsters to war against the mortal lands to force the Siderans to comply. The Goddesses, hearing the cries of their people, instead sent Kiri, the Fierce Deity, to deal with Majora. Kiri's sacrifice sealed both himself and Majora into masks, which were hidden for many centuries after.

Following this fiasco, Ziven sought sanctuary with Abyss. This in turn led to Abyss hatching his plan to force the Goddesses to give him a mortal form. For more details, see Abyss' profile.

Structure and Politics

The Zalmunna operate as a somewhat dysfunctional family, of sorts. Each one is largely autonomous from the others, and it is viewed as unwelcome interference to attempt to give orders to the servants of another Zalmunna. Since Majora's sealing, Tenebran has taken the role of de-facto leader, and the others mostly defer to his advice.

Periodically, the Zalmunna and the Siderans meet at Lycoris to discuss matters of the balance between their opposing principles, though these meeting have become far rarer in recent millenia.


While sometimes the most senior advisers and servants may be lumped under the name of 'Zalmunna,' in its strictest sense only the Seven Shadows are truly Zalmunna. In token of this, each bears the mark of the Goddesses who created them, though not in the same place.

player: Asraniel/Winna

The oldest of the Zalmunna, Tenebran is a reasonable but strict shadow who brooks no nonsense. Since Majora's and Abyss' destructive rampages, he has assumed a watchful role, trying to keep his remaining siblings in hand.

Tenebran is known for taking his servants from the more accomplished among the shadows, and does not accept the service of the lower shadowbeasts. His color is dark blue, and he is known as the Raptor.

player: Mel/Lock-of-Hyrule

Once the unspoken leader of the family, Majora had a definite talent for chaos. He was particularly known for his dark and convoluted schemes, along with his fondness for creating new and unique servants. Despite his capacity for brutality, Majora found a steady lover in mad moon spirit and fallen fairy Orell, and was both friend and mentor to his younger brother Dimas. Majora's color is purple.

Terminian historians are quite familiar with the legend of Majora's Mask, and how the Hero of Time stopped the Moon from destroying Termina. Recent rumor has it that somehow, Majora has escaped his seal, and is loose once again.

player: Asraniel/Winna (or rueyeet)

The Hellcat, who stole the fire from the Forge of Light. Dimas is a trickster who loves calamity and mayhem, but he lacks patience, and thus his ploys are of the sort quickly thought up, and even more quickly acted upon. His favorite shape is that of a cat with a monkey's face and human hands, though the size varies according to whim and circumstance. His color is yellow.

Dimas will accept the service of even the least of shadowbeasts, but doesn't much care about the whole thing, and is known to hunt his own followers for sport.

One of Dimas' favorite pastimes is annoying his brother Abyss. They don't get along at all.

player: Pettyartist

In the dawn of the world, Abyss was known to mortals as a comparatively reasonable and compassionate shadow. However, his devastating assault against the land and his challenge of his own gods — which has had a permanent effect on the balance of light and shadow — have left only the legend of Abyss as the Fallen One, Devourer of Shadows.

Abyss is now sealed within the soul of a mortal, doomed to live one life for each life he took in that attack. His use of the higher shadow magics is severely curtailed by the limited capacity of the mortal body of his host. Yet, as long as he can be with his love Ziven, Abyss is content.

Abyss' color is green, and he has only one servant, the subservient Poe Syba.

player: Asraniel/Winna

The raging Fury of War, Stygia is a cruel and bloodthirsty shadow who loves the carnage of battle above all else. She has a fearsome temper, and wields a huge battleaxe. Her color is red, and she has the horns and hooves of a ram.

As might be expected, Stygia's hierarchy of servants loosely approximates the structure of an army. Her Bloodhorns are said to have a part in inciting most of the world's conflicts, and are widely and justly feared among mortals and shadows alike. She often conspires with Naharl to ensure that the world is never without war.

player: Asraniel/Winna

The Shadow-Fox, master of lies, deciet, and intrigue, whose clever tongue can turn all words to ill ends. Though almost the youngest of the family, his influence is currently second only to Tenebran's. His color is orange.

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player: Asraniel/Winna

The Silver Seer, who brings both prophecy and madness. Oscuri appears as a child, her eyes hidden under her bangs. Constantly distracted by her visions of past, present, and the many possible futures, Oscuri's speech is very disjointed, and often makes little to no sense. Most of the family believes that she is insane, and only Abyss seems to understand anything she says. Disquietingly, Oscuri carries a living, disembodied eyeball around like a toy.

It is whispered among the shadows that any who take her colors — the mark of a silver eye — will go mad. Surely, she has few servants.

Legend has it that Oscuri was once insulted by a king, and in a fit of pique, drowned his entire nation under the waves, making them an aquatic species.

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